Monday, February 8, 2010

convert old KUCI blogger sites

This is for people that have an existing site that by March 2010 needs to be converted to the new format to continue functioning...

1. think up a web address like, some hints...
* based on your show name
* shorter the better

2. send an email to to setup your address.

Be sure to replace *SITE* and *YOUR NAME* with your info...

- - - -
Subj: DNS Request (blogger)

Can you create the following DNS entries for *SITE*
- A-records pointing to:


- - - -

3. Make changes in blogger

It may take up to 72 hours for the web address to become active.

Go to Settings -> Publishing
- click on Switch to "Custom Domain"
- click "Switch to Advanced Settings"

Type your new site address in the "Your Domain" text box.
Leave "Redirect to" UNCHECKED
Check "No" for "Use a missing files host?"

Do the word verification and hit "Save Settings"

be sure your domain is working before you proceed to step 4.

4. Redirect old to new one
once your new site can be pulled up on the internet and all steps are complete:
* email with
- kuci username
- old site address (ex.
- new site address (ex.

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