Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Instructions to Get a KUCI blogger site

This guide is for KUCI staffers who want to created a new web site using a KUCI.org address using blogger as a backend platform...

1. create a new blogger blog

2. think up a web address like show.kuci.org. some hints...
* based on your show name
* shorter the better

3. send the below info an email to computing@kuci.org to setup your address.

Be sure to replace *SITE* and *YOUR NAME* with your info...

- - - -
Subj: DNS Request (blogger)

Can you create the following DNS entries for *SITE*.kuci.org?
- A-records pointing to:


- - - -

4. Make changes in blogger

It may take up to 72 hours for the web address to become active.

Go to Settings -> Publishing
- click on Switch to "Custom Domain"
- click "Switch to Advanced Settings"

Type your new site address in the "Your Domain" text box.
Leave "Redirect kuci.org to xxxxx.kuci.org" UNCHECKED
Check "No" for "Use a missing files host?"

Do the word verification and hit "Save Settings"

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